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CN: Phoenix you say? There’s a pianist there, Armand Boatman. I think we have one of his albums here. Do you know him?

TC: Yes, I do. I even got a chance to play drums with him once. Not bad for a blues drummer.

CN: Who else do I know in Arizona? Did you know Bud Shank just moved to Tucson? I don’t know why, out there in the desert. And what’s-his-name? Mahronic?

TC: Chuck Mahronic. Yes, a very well-respected educator and great pianist. 

My other question would be about Sleepy Stein. I’ve only heard about him, never heard him on the air. Can you tell me about him?

CN: He was a tough old guy, could be tough on you too. He just died a couple years ago at about age 90. KNOB was the first jazz station in LA. Right around ‘57. He didn’t actually own it, may have had an interest. I’d been at KFOX doing a Sunday show, just to keep my foot in the radio side of broadcasting while also at Channel 9 as the afternoon movie host. It’s a long story. But Sleepy brought me over to KNOB. I remember well, right here in Long Beach, in the days before freeways, driving up to Sleepy’s house on a hill, getting some albums, and driving them in my sports car all the way to the station.

TC: I heard he got his name by replacing an announcer named “Wide Awake Wally,” or something like that.

CN: I don’t know about that, that was before my time. I started in radio here about ‘56.

TC: You know, I like your flow on the air. Not only is all your music good, but you know how to sequence it. There’s a jazz announcer on the network today, Bob Parlocha, and his music is good but his pace and delivery are a little choppy. Not so with you.

CN: Let me tell you something else about that Bob Parlocha. He snores! I know because a while back, on one of these jazz cruises, they asked If I knew him and if they could have us room together. That’s when I met him. Now, I may snore too, but that guy....the next year they almost did it again but I heard, luckily, that he’d gotten married and had his wife on the cruise.

TC: Look, Chuck, here’s proof I know Armand, here’s a picture of us I together.

CN: Oh, yes. And here's an LP of his in our library. I need something more current of his.

TC: Maybe we can get you a fresh CD.

CN: That’s just what I need. Another new CD. I need more CD’s like I need a hole in the head.

A voice from the next room: It would be an improvement in your case.  You have mail, Chuck, more CD’s.

CN: Let’s see here, one from Frankie Laine. He’s gotta be 90 by now. Obviously still recording.

TC: You know I had a chance to interview him on radio about 7 years ago.

CN: What else is here? A lot of the new releases I get are of young lady singers. Some pretty good.

TC: What percentage of them would you say can cut it, in your opinion?

CN: That’s a good question. Maybe 10 to 20%. All of the local ones I like I also get out to hear. Karren Allison is one of the best. You know why? Because she can also play piano and knows how to work a room. In San Francisco you have Kitty Margolis.

TC: It sounds, by the way you and the other announcers talk, that you get out quite often to hear live jazz.

CN: Oh yes, and I’m paying for it now (rubs head). I’m going out to hear Tommy Newsome tonight. After LA, the big time with the “Tonight Show,” he moved back to where his wife wants to live, Carolina Beach. And he’s a good husband. Goes with her despite no real music scene there. 

I’m not originally from here but have been around long enough to play some woodwinds. I even played “cocktail” drums once just to get a paying gig and it worked. 

And some of the big-name music people I’ve gotten to know are still doing well later in their careers. Like good writers for example. And I’m trying to think of someone like Hoagy Carmichael who, with the right hit, can live off just that one song ....David Raksin, there’s an example. He still gets out often around here and “Laura” set him up for life. Art Hamilton, there’s another one still around here. He wrote “Cry Me A River” and had a huge hit. When Julie London was still living. Let’s see, he and Barney Kessell were on that session, very good and successful musicians. 

I’m still selling shows around town (assembling musicians for live music), I don’t do too bad, for such a BS business. Well, you’re in it, you know. And I did a little teaching at one time, very little.

TC: Clarinet?

CN: No, jazz history. Some of the colleges around here. Well, I gotta go to work.

TC: Here’s my card. Just in case you ever want to come to Arizona to visit Armand, or Bud, or Chuck.

Thank you for your time. I get to listen to you on the internet at home now. You’re my new hero. I told that to Charlie Hunter once and he told me to “Get another one!”

CN: (laughing) Well, I’m afraid I don’t play enough of Charlie. Gotta do something about that.

On the way out of the KKJZ Long Beach studios, Sandy Frakes noted that I "caught Chuck on a good day."

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Singer/Songwriter Lea Cappelli from LA sings live on Hacksaw air

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Radio hour on-location in Aztec New Mexico.....

Left: KXTC in Westward Ho Phoenix mid-day 1975, Right: Late night live jazz radio, KXIV Phoenix, 1978 
Press "play" button to hear how it went... 3-14-79 KXIV Phoenix

Dexter Gordon-Long Tall Dex ('78), Chris Woods-My Lady, Ira Sullivan-Vento Bravo   3-14-79 KXIV Phoenix cont'd
David Amram-Para Los Pepines, Tommy Flanagan-Good Bait, Johnny Hodges-Preacher Blues, Stanley Turrentine & Milt Jackson-Sister Sanctified  

Louie Enriquez, KMCR-FM 91.5 Phoenix, 11-24-82

Jack McDuff-City Bump, Stan Kenton-Ruben's Blues, Three Sounds-Leave it to Me, ABC-FM news ("Nixon's income tax returns would be better cause for his resignation than any alleged connection with Watergate"), Kenny Burrell-C.C. Rider, Gene Russell-Hittin' the Jug.  Of note: Review of recent Maynard Ferguson concert and preview of upcoming Stan Kenton concert, both at Sahuaro High School, Scottsdale.

 Herb Johnson "Mr. J's Day," KXTC-FM 92.3 Phoenix, 3-8-74

Jack McDuff-City Bump, Stan Kenton-Ruben's Blues, Three Sounds-Leave it to Me, ABC-FM news ("Nixon's income tax returns would be better cause for his resignation than any alleged connection with Watergate"), Kenny Burrell-C.C. Rider, Gene Russell-Hittin' the Jug.  Of note: Review of recent Maynard Ferguson concert and preview of upcoming Stan Kenton concert, both at Sahuaro High School, Scottsdale.

Clifford Brown-Parisian Thoroughfare-The Quintet Vol 1-Emarcy
Jimmy Thackery-Drive to Survive-title track-Blind Pig
Charlie Rich-Hurricane-single-Sun
Illinois Jacquet-Hot Rod-Blues and Rhythm Revue-RCA
Gene Ammons/Dexter Gordon-Happy Blues-The Chase-Prestige

Joachim Kuhn-Lady Amber-Springfever-Atlantic
Shirley Scott-Blues for Groove-Great Scott-Muse
Howard Roberts-Parking Lot Blues-Real-Concord

Charlie Parker birthday (Aug 29, 1920) tribute hour: 
8-30-12 on Radio Phoenix

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Hacksaw, Rufus Thomas, Ramon Bonilla of KXEG/KXXT Radio, Funky Chicken 

2013's finest broadcast hours, guest Al McCoy Hall of Fame broadcaster playing jazz discs instead of calling Phoenix Suns Basketball play-by-play since mid 1970s.

Listen to hour one here

​Listen to hour two here

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CN: Preparing?!

TC: I basically had two quick questions. First off, are you familiar with “Sunshine” Sonny Payne, the announcer who does the “King Biscuit Time” blues radio show in Arkansas? He started that show in 1941 and is still doing it each weekday. I met him a few years ago, here’s a picture of us together. After meeting him, you were the next long-time announcer I wanted to meet.

CN: No, I haven’t heard of him. And good for him for still being there. I started a “couple” years after that.

TC: I’ve been in radio 28 years now in Phoenix, and 19 of those were in jazz, just like the format here. 

Hacksaw Tom's records & drums, Stavoren, Holland 10-29-12

Resuming live jazz and blues broadcasting 2010 (at old Radio Phoenix "bungalow" studio)

2018's finest broadcast hours, Arizona broadcast legend Pat McMahon talks radio and TV history in the state, and chimes in about jazz. Listen to the entire broadcast

  • 31:11


The following are archived jazz and offshoot radio shows, hosted by well-known and obscure personalities, past and present radio stations.  Mostly aired in Phoenix, but others to be added in the future come from road trips to other cities with jazz stations. This audio covers several decades. The commercials alone provide a glimpse of another era in Phoenix.  From a collection of "airchecks" by Tom Coulson.  

Left: Fred Taylor, middle: Robbie the DJ, with Hacksaw Tom at Nostalgia Cancione E Vino Restaurant,

financial supporter of jazz radio

Radio Archives

Press play buttons to listen

On-location jazz radio from Cafe Merlo, Brussels, Belgium, October 2012

Return of Phoenix jazz journalist Pat Myers to our show  

Drumming in October 2012 in Zonhoven Belgium 

Full Moon Hacksaw

BACK TO THE FUTURE MP3 HR. 2 An hour floating in the ether first broadcast 30 yrs ago

Phil Woods-Canto de Oshanna
Earl Coleman-The Very Thought of You
Tommy Flanagan-West Coast Blues
Wes Montgomery-Twisted Blues
Thad Jones & Mel Lewis-Love and Harmony
Art Pepper-Red Car
Ella Fitzgerald-Midnight Sun
Bobby Hutcherson-Waiting
More shows below...

Guest DJ Al McCoy (over 40 years Phoenix Suns radio play-by-play)

Eddie Cleanhead Vinson-Kidney Stew-Is Fine-Delmark
Charlie Parker-Confirmation-Best of Bird-WB
Joachim Kuhn-Two Whips-Springfever-Atlantic
Doldinger Jubilee-Compared to What-Live in Hamburg '75-Atlantic

Philip Catherine/Larry Coryell-Home Comings-Twin House-Elektra
Philip Catherine & Niels Pedersen-Django-Summer Nights-Enja
Charles Mingus-Better Get Hit in your Soul-Three or Four Shades of Blue-Atlantic
Herb Geller-Sudden Senility-Rhyme and Reason-Atlantic

Tribute broadcast to Cal Tjader upon his passing in 1982 with (the late)
Louie Enriquez, and over 30 years later with John "Brazilian Gringo"

Mueller in 2013

Live in-studio 11-15-12 hr. 1 on  

Radio Phoenix
Inspired by a recent trip overseas, Belgium resident and guitarist Philip Catherine is featured for most of hour # 1 below, to celebrate his 70th birthday! He's not just a talented foreign muscian only known in his country, he really IS someone: "Young Django" played and recorded with both Stephane Grappelli and Jean-Luc Ponty, plus Chet Baker & Charles Mingus 


There's been some interest in west coast jazz radio history lately.  A few icons had lengthy careers in San Francisco and LA. One of them was the late Chuck Niles who had the voice of a lion. (Hear how he sounded for 30 minutes the day of this interview, press "play" to hear): It is very fortunate we had a chance to ask him about his experience in jazz radio.

For this week's show, go to home page
Here are ancient (and not-so-old)radio shows. Press "Play" buttons to listen or click on link to listen/download:

On-location jazz radio from Paris France, October 2012

Oakland singer Tara Linda appeared as guest singing live on-air 11-21-13

BACK TO THE FUTURE MP3 HR. 1 An hour floating in the ether first broadcast 30 yrs ago

Maynard Ferguson-To and Fro
Dizzy Gillespie-Tin Tin Deo (1950)
Lee Morgan-The Procrastinator
Joe Pass & Neils Pederson-Oleo
Tal Farlow-Fascinating Rhythm
Anthony Braxton & Max Roach-Music and Magic
Jimmy Rowles & Al Cohn-Taking a Chance on Love
Tommy Flanagan-Friday the 13th
Oscar Peterson & Milt Jackson-Dream of You
Johnny Hodges-Saturday Afternoon Blues

"Jazz Mechanic" (precursor of Full Moon Hacksaw), 
KLFF AM 1360 Glendale/Phoenix, 12-17-89

Dinah Washington-I Could Write a Book, Cal Tjader-Soul Sauce ('50s), Joe Williams-Dollar for a Dime, John Coltrane-Equinox, Meade Lux Lewis-Bear Cat Crawl, Johnny Hodges-Rockin' in Rhythm (live '61)

JATP with Charlie Parker-Lady Be Good-Bird & Prez, the '46 Concerts-Verve Charlie Parker-52nd St. Theme-Royal Roost-Savoy
Chuck Owen and the Jazz Surge-Shaw Nuff-Chuck Owen and the Jazz Surge-Sea Breeze
Tomcat Courtney-Meet me in the Bottom-Brownsville Blues-Blue Witch
Hans Olson-New Moon Trouble-Blues Town-12th St.

Eddie Boh Paris-Bourbon St.-AKA Chops-EBP
Horace Silver-Liberated Brother-Persuit of the 27th Man-Blue Note
Denise Jannah-Interlude-Born in Love-Blue Note
Pete Jolly-Soft Winds-Gems-Holt

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  • 27:06

Thanks to Sandy Frakes, assistant to the station’s General Manager, I was able to meet and talk to Chuck Niles before his Noon broadcast. I was told he was hiding, but we soon found him in the record/CD library pulling his show selections. 

Sandy: Chuck, there’s someone here to meet you.

TC: I just wanted a couple minutes of your time.

CN: Oh sure, that’s what they all say...

Sandy: No, really, he drove all the way from Arizona, made an appointment and all.

TC: Could we get a picture together?

CN: Well, okay. You want these CD’s I’m holding to be in the picture?

TC: Sure, we’ll catch you preparing for your show.             

1998's finest broadcast hour, Hacksaw Tom is guest on program # 13,094 of the original King Biscuit Time blues radio show, with host Sonny Payne on KFFA, Helena AR

"Hacksaw and Horace," jazz giant Horace Silver visited Phoenix in the late 1990s.  He died in July 2014, it took us months to continue musical tributes in various hours of broadcasts.