Full Moon Jazz at MWL Architects: "We got tired of playing 'Summertime,' so we switched to 'Autumn Leaves.'  Bill's guitar solos were really on this night, and Mollie even sang some Howlin' Wolf.  But the volume was reasonable enough for visual artists to have conversation with potential buyers."

Hear Christina and Tom interviewed in October 2010 on CBS Radio Phoenix (KOOL-FM and KMLE-FM) about the twice-yearly Sunnyslope Art Walk.

Nazim Rashid & New Renaissance, the Swamp Coolers, and Hans Olson played at recent art walks.  Other events have welcomed jazz pianist Pam Morita, singer/songwriter Bob Ryan, Western Folksinger Sue Harris, the Choirs at Phoenix College, and the bands Beggar's Clothes, Steelin' the Night Away, One Too Many, Cup O' Karma, Honey Pistol and Decades Too Late.

In the Community

Full Moon Hacksaw's neighborhood...

Orquesta Kaliente at Salvadoreno Restauraunt

Second Saturday/Art Walk territory: Timo (Italian for "thyme") Wood Oven and Wine Bar.  8801 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, 85020.  A beer and wine garden welcomes art walkers in an adjoining space next to its back patio.

Phoenix favorites Desert Gumbo: "The Sunnyslope Art Walk is a joy to work with."

Green chilis roast up another art walk...

Sunnyslope is a community of Phoenix begun by John C. Lincoln hospital in the 1920s.  Now the huge metropolis of Phoenix has surrounded and annexed it. The community of Sunnyslope has over the years held the annual Village Fair, Second Saturdays, and Sunnyslope Art Walk.  Those events are history but North Mountain Brewery holds a semi-annual blues festival which continues the tradition.  Full Moon Hacksaw holds all these events dear to its heart as they helped create the live music energy that keeps our business going.  Enjoy this scrapbook of memories from these past events.

Hacksaw's Blues (with 2/3rds Midnite Blues)

Left: Timiko and Hannah create a sort of "chamber grunge" on Grinders patio.

Grinders usually had the music on the patio but occasionally inside its tiny quarters. The event went on during any type weather year-round.

The series began with live jazz and blues.  The crowd always enjoyed listening and dancing.  "The real" Dennis Miller was proprietor of Grinders coffee always the most gracious of hosts, economically always a labor of love.

The FABULOUS Scotty Spenner at lefthttp://www.myspace.com/scottyspenner

  • 15:25

Anamieke Quinn (left) and Lisa Lemke McKay were hit picks, garnering rave reviews from the crowd drawn to the corner of Central and Townley: "Good to hear positive feedback.  It was a fun time.  Hear me roar!"

 Jenny B and Hannah of Honey Pistol​

 Autumn motif

We are proud to have featured many guest jazz and blues musicians: Pulsate Jazz, Dave Valdivia's "Los Compadres" Jazz, Johnny Love, Dave Riley, Jimmy Peyton, Bob Corritore, and Scotty Spenner come to mind.  It hasn't just been limited to jazz and blues either, diverse groups like Timetable and Honey Pistol have also livened things up.

Second Time Ever at Salvadoreno Restaurant

Rocket 88's at MyxMedia

Hear Michael Dixon interview Christina Plante about the very first Sunnyslope Art Walk in 2008 on News-Talk 92-3 KTAR.  All the information still applies to the event each April and October.

The Baker's Daughter Chocolatier and Pastry Chef and Karl's Quality Bakery, southeast corner Central and Dunlap in Sunnyslope, always woos art walkers:  602-997-7849.

Jimmy Peyton lays down rhythm, Armando Serna on lead

Neighboring businesses also regularly participate in Second Saturday: South from Grinders for at least four blocks, Salvadoreno Restaurant serves later-evening diners.

The Beaded Lizards appear indoors at the Sunnyslope Village Center.  Jeanne Winograd (seated at left), and hatted Lon Austin (organizer of the Phoenix Traditions Folk Festival held each 3rd weekend of March at Glendale's Sahuaro Ranch Park) join the participants: "I ran into a local who sat in on my half-hour set who told me how much he enjoyed ALL of the live music around the community.  Isn't that SWEET!  Thanks for making the Sunnyslope Art Walk a super fun and successful experience.  Many thanks to the committee's positive attitude about everything."

Two angles of Ragamuffin Stampede

Arizona Accordion Club at Central and Townley

Try Me Bicycle at Neilsen Galleries

I Me Mine at MWL Architects

Decades Too Late at American Valet: "One of the vendors in my area, who was right next to the PA, expressed concern for the volume BEFORE the music began. I assured her I was on top of it. Apparently we won her over because she sang and danced along all night, and she had LOTS of customers. At the end of the night she told us the music was awesome, so that's good."

 Down Central Avenue, Bomberos wine bar was one stopping point.  After dark live Columbian and Brazilian music drifted from its open patio.  

Now, there's a different restaurant in that space: Timo (Italian for "thyme") Wood Oven and Wine Bar.  8801 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, 85020.  A beer and wine garden welcomes art walkers in an adjoining space next to its back patio.

Quiet before the storm...

Jimmy Peyton (leader of Midnite Blues since 1976 in Phoenix) sings his heart out

  • 6:28

Nightfall drums up business

The difference between night and day...

The event started in 2008.  A couple headliners have been Midnite Blues and Chuck Hall.  But it's more than just blues...

Credit must also be given to Sunnyslope visionary Mike Nielsen (below) http://www.nielsengalleries.com who was the first to suggest Second Saturday to the media from the inspiration of downtown Phoenix's First Fridays art walk.  Neilsen chaired the annual Sunnyslope Village Fair in the '80s and '90s, a precursor to Sunnyslope Second Saturdays and the Sunnyslope Art Walk.

Freestreet band borrowed from First Fridays​

Our story:

Arriving in Phoenix at age 7, and after a flirtation with top 40 KRIZ and KRUX, we discovered jazz on KXTC.  That was the beginning of a jazz and radio addiction that continues to today: Jazz is responsible for our home life, because Genny and Tom Coulson met at Two Lips Café in downtown Phoenix listening to the band "New Moon Jazz."

An inherited set of drums had a hacksaw on the bass drum head.  Practiced on that drum set to growing record collection.  After a little radio school, landed on-air at KXTC for a few years falling in love with the jazz radio format.  Experience with other radio formats too, but jazz was always most fun.  Sold advertising for own jazz show.  Spent 10+ years at KJZZ as "The Jazz Mechanic."  Learned other radio management jobs at various stations.  This started a necktie collection.

Success with several bands, beginning with own "Hacksaw's Blues."  Drummer with Midnite Blues, Buddy Reed (Bon Jovi fell by one night to sing), Mike Moses (won Arizona competition to play in Memphis), Dean Murphy, and Dave Riley.  Drummer on CDs released by all except Reed.

As the the '90s ended, did office, technical, and management work at Phoenix's oldest and highest rated radio station, KTAR, staying 10+ years.  But no demand for jazz or blues there.

In the late 2000s, the band "Hacksaw's Blues" played alongside "Full Moon Jazz" (former members of "New Moon Jazz").  "Full Moon Hacksaw" was born & created this website.

Changes in the radio landscape created opportunity for jazz to return to the airwaves originating at Radio Phoenix, with jazz radio soon going into syndication on other campus, college and public FM stations across America.

Rockabilly added a new dimension, drumming for "Pat Roberts and the Heymakers" 2011 to 2016; Two CDs released, two European tours, leading to formation of the current band "Hacksaw and the Woodchips."

In 2014 Full Moon Hacksaw LLC was formed to be a media and entertainment agency, offering radio and live music services.  

The current radio format is: "Records, neckties and drums."  The message is the same, only the media is changing.  

Drumming and broadcasting now support the jazz habit.

Grinder's Coffee, ground zero for Sunnyslope Second Saturday/Art Walk, was REALLY rockin'...

Full Moon Hacksaw

But we are most proud that John C. Lincoln Hospital noticed the vibe of Second Saturday and now holds its bi-annual Sunnyslope Art Walk surrounding second Saturday each April and October.

The Sunnyslope Art Walk is simply Second Saturday on Steroids twice a year.  Its location is Central Avenue five blocks south from Dunlap in Phoenix each second Saturday in April and October.  It features over 140 local visual artists, plus about five areas of live music.  Over 1000 Phoenicians usually turn out to stroll among the myriad booths, discover energy hubs, browse the open businesses and sample the many eateries.

Top row: Second Saturday Jazz at Grinders Coffee.  Above left: Armando and Dennis on break at a Sunnyslope music fundraiser at the Rhythm Room;  Above right: Chicago Dave Riley relaxes with "Yogi."

Right: The very first Second Saturday event, September 2007.  John Brand, bass, the late Bryce Budge, piano.


SHELTER FROM A MICROBURST: APRIL 9, 2011.Dottie Sharkie and Carol Pacey, the Jump Back Brothers.

The REAL Dennis Miller

It was an unplanned way to promote that Sunnyslope Art Walk also has indoor activity.

Visual artists at Central Slope-Eco-Design-Market

Caji & Salome at Bombero's