Full Moon Hacksaw


In the 1980s Hans Olson, Small Paul, Jimmy Peyton's Midnite Blues, Bill and Suzie Tarsha and the Rocket 88's, and Big Pete Pearson pretty much covered the Phoenix blues landscape, most of them at Warsaw Wally's at one point.  Another club down the road was the Purple Turtle, 1019 E. Indian School.

Hacksaw's Blues debuted by opening for Midnite Blues at the latter club (later to be the Rhythm Room toward decade's end).  David Andrews and Linda Brooks fronted the "Hacksaw Williams Blues Band" as vocalists.  Blue Lou Burke who liked Otis Spann and Ray Charles was on piano.  "Hacksaw" played at what seemed like 20 active blues clubs (including Wally's), with as many blues bands to compete with around town.  As the band changed, drummer Tom Coulson kept the name.

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Lionel "Train" Estrada Frontman/vocal/guitar, Tom "Hacksaw" Coulson drums & vocal, Jacob "Woodchip" Woodside guitar & vocal, Mike "Rock & Roll" Segall, bass & vocal. Relief players: Raf "Howler" (co-founder) bass & vocal, Jamie Waldron bass & vocal.
1960s "Hacksaw Williams Blues Band," Dave Coulson drums
1980s "Hacksaw Williams" Tom Coulson drums, the late Dave Andrews frontman.
1990s "Hacksaw/Brooks" Linda Brooks, lead vocals
2000s "Hacksaw's Blues" Dave Riley, Ronnie Whitehead, Dennis Miller, vocalists


Born out of necessity and legacy one night in 2009 on the patio of Grinders Coffee, FMJ was inevitable.  At a fundraiser a week earlier, Grinders owner/vocalist/guitarist/harmonica player Dennis Miller and drummer Tom Coulson were matched with flutist Carolyn Karnes-Estrada and pianist Mollie Kidari.  Tom realized Carolyn used to play with "New Moon Jazz" at Two Lips Cafe, where he and wife Genny met.  He was reminded Mollie also played at Two Lips.

Grinders needed a new jazz band at that moment.  Obviously Bob Estrada would play bass (another former "New Moon" member).  On that first experimental night, jamming with Dennis and members of Hacksaw's Blues, a full moon rose over the Phoenix Mountain Preserves.  We know it sounds corny, but IT WAS A SIGN.  Tom's long-time guitar cohort Bill Bellamak (who also caught New Moon at Two Lips) next made Full Moon Jazz a quintet. 

Another part of the Full Moon Jazz legacy is that all five members knew each other when enrolled in college jazz studies at the same time.  Carolyn, Bob, Bill and Tom at ASU under Dr. Tom Ferguson (drum great Lewis Nash was there that year) while Mollie was across town at Mesa Community College in Grant Wolf's program.

Below left: Full Moon Jazz germinating, fall 2009.  Half-moon Hacksaw?  (The late Ian Aguilera, bassist, right)

Below right: The "Click Chick" Gayle Bass (KTAR, Phoenix, 92-3FM Monday thru Friday 6:40, 7:40 and 8:40am) sings with FMJ at one of several live music locations along North Central south of Dunlap during the April 2010 Sunnyslope Art Walk.      

BAD BOYZ AND GEORGE BOWMAN  R & B/soul/funk band...  


Electric Lotus Label "Roots Music for the Indie People"

featuring artists from Phoenix and Arizona, free downloads

Midnite Blues 1996: Dean Murphy, Kati Ingino, Hacksaw, Jimmy Peyton

A most significant meeting happened in 2004 during a live broadcast of the original King Biscuit Time radio show (which Sonny Boy Williamson II helped start in 1941) still on KFFA, Helena Arkansas.  http://kffa.com Hacksaw was introduced to Chicago guitarist/vocalist Dave Riley.  


Born in Hattiesburg Mississippi, Dave has become Hacksaw's direct link to genuine living Delta blues.

That way Hacksaw could be a sideman.  Such as drummer for Midnite Blues and Buddy Reed into the '90s.  Linda Brooks reunited with Hacksaw for a few of these years, winning second place in the 1994 Phoenix Blues Society (PBS) Showdown.  The new century had Hacksaw joining (the late) Mike Moses who won first place in the PBS Showdown to compete in Memphis in '01.  Hacksaw has played on CDs by Midnite Blues, Dean Murphy and Mike Moses.

With Linda Brooks 1994 

(the late Henry Thompson, right)

With Dave Andrews 1986 

(Dean Murphy, right) 

Live Music

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Backing the late Mike Moses 2000

(Lou Burke, right)

Hacksaw Tom and Jamie Waldron jamming with Pat Roberts 

Generation Gap, piano/alto sax jazz live performance.  

GENERATION GAP is made up with two musicians/entertainers and computer-generated rhythm section producing the sound of a bass and drums.  Originally, Elliott Fox was on woodwinds and John Mueller was on keyboards; the two played together around the West Valley for three years before Elliott decided to further his musical knowledge and return to Flagstaff to attend NAU.  During that period the group, Generation Gap was formed; the reason for the odd name: Elliott is 45 years younger than John...yet, the two played in perfect harmony when they got together.  They enjoyed playing the jazz standards of the 40's, 50's and 60's.

When Elliott decided to continue his education, John still wanted to play music and has found several other young musicians/entertainers to keep the music flowing.  At this time other members are, Heather Algar, vocals, Clay Thompson, tenor saxophone, Luis Martinez, guitar and at a later date, Tom Crouse, vocals.  All but Clay are much younger than John which enables him to keep the name.  Elliott will still be available from time to time with advanced notice.

Contact John Mueller: (623) 398-5333

Swamp Coolers-live surf music, mailto:lightningsteve@earthlink.com music sample:

Some of Hacksaw's Blues: Mollie Kidari, Dennis Miller, Armando Serna, Ronnie Whitehead

Here are recordings by Hacksaw's Blues:

Full Moon Jazz: Mollie Kidari, Carolyn Karnes-Estrada, Hacksaw Tom, Bob Estrada, "Abdu," Bill Bellamak

Here are recordings by Full Moon Jazz:

As a result, Dave visited Phoenix playing the Rhythm Room backed by Hacksaw's Blues.  Owner/harmonica man Bob Corritore http://rhythmroom.com was taken enough to produce two albums with Dave Riley (Hacksaw playing on both "Traveling the Dirt Road" and "Lucky to be Living") to world-wide critical and award-nomination success.

It was with Dave Riley's help (he now lives in Arizona during the winter) that the Grinders Coffee Second Saturday series revitalized "Hacksaw's Blues" in 2007.  

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I still get calls for live jazz from time to time.  FULL MOON JAZZ to the rescue...​​