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Description of show # 1701 released 09-06-18

We celebrate another birthday August 29th for the late Charlie Parker, the Bird, in a Latin bag with the mighty Machito Orchestra of the late ‘40s, Okidoke!  Parker is also heard with Dizzy Gillespie later in the show. Next heard Lucky Thompson, a saxophonist from a similar era. Then it’s the blues with Long John Hunter, a couple guys with vision a plenty being Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Al Hibbler. Karrin Allyson sings and plays from her new release, welcoming Regina Carter on the fiddle. Scott Grunow’s Jazz Orchestra celebrates music by Mulgrew Miller, and we dip into the archives for a west coast live date from pianist Pete Jolly. We spin a record off a new CD submitted by RC and the Moonpie Band, San Diego pianist/composer Danny Green’s trio plus strings make an appearance. Herbie Hancock and Kathleen Battle interpret Gershwin, then our second hour with Richie Kamuka playing tenor sax. Latin sounds continue from Colorado’s Conjunto Colores. 2018 has been a year fans have once again hailed John Coltrane due to a couple first-time releases, let’s hear samples from each. First Miles Davis with Coltrane in 1960, the first-time release of “The Final Tour” was recorded in Europe.  We hear “So What” serving as as a sort-of rough draft for the saxophonists later piece called “Impressions.” If you like stretched-out soloing, this track is for you. Miles in his book claims he gave Trane a soprano at the end of this final tour, so we go to another first time 2018 release involving Trane playing that smaller horn. Vocal and blues mode brings us Miss Lily Moe, the Reba Russell Band, and Little Willie Littlefield in good voice, groove, recording balance, & of course great sax.  Veteran trumpeter Tom Harrell takes us out.  See graphics of our album covers, Full Moon Hacksaw on Facebook.

​​MP3s,videos of show # 1701: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube


Spinitron playlist of show # 1701 Hours 1 & 2

​We respond to a request for a show of B-3s, in response to a military buildup. As in Hammond B3 Organ. Five of them this show, if only cursory in parts: Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff #JimmyMcGriff, Shirley Scott #ShirleyScott, Jimmy Smith #jimmysmith and Richard Groove Holmes #richardgrooveholmes. It’s the groove grease between new blues from Shy Perry http://www.sharoperry.com, the Mingus Dynasty @Mingus, and our Latin sounds paying tribute to Tito Puente and Machito @titopuentejr. Magic Sam plays again #MagicSam, we hear a new release from Lucia Johnson #LuciaJohnson, then a display of drummer Kenny Clarke’s ride cymbal for the first of two from Miles @milesdavis and Horace Silver, together and apart. Vibraphonist Milt Jackson #MiltJackson joins Clayton/Hamilton for a ballad. For our second hour bassist Dave Holland leads his big band @TheDaveHolland, a little bit busy and a little Brazilian comes new music from Yellowjackets feat. Luciana Souza. Funky and from post-bop comes Horace Silver as leader, we get another dose of Latin rhythms @PutumayoMusic, swamp bop with the Wicked Mojos then Miles and Trane take it out. Basic foundations for both jazz and radio are time and sound.  Those we have, Hacksaw Jazz. #jazz #onair @JohnColtrane

​MP3s,videos of show # 1700: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube


Spinitron playlist of show # 1700 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Show # 1699, released 08-23-18:​​

Harmonicist and guitarist Toots Thielemans is pretty well-known in music circles, but Danish legend Svend Asmussen joins him on fiddle for the spirit. Tito Puente’s small group plays Leiber & Stoller inspired by a George Benson lick. Hear twin guitars as John Pisano hosts Phil Upchurch, tenor saxophonist Greg Fishman @gregfishman gets 5 stars for rising to the occasion…under no obligation to cut new ground or look forward at the expense of being less than the masters, of whom he stands alongside most admirably. The old married couple Shirley Scott and Stanley Turrentine make seasoned and tender music together, and from 1939 these guys have hashtags: #petejohnson & #meadeluxlewis for the Boogie Woogie Prayer. Tribute is paid to Buddy Montgomery who died May 2009 with a track from the live Riverside Reunion Band. #jazz #onair for the first hour concludes with a dance-stepped Crazy legs and Hacksaws tutorial. Hour 2 starts with our favorite Serbian electric guitarist Ana Popovic who just happens to get filed in the blues section. Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd livens things up with a catchy melody and Joe Turner sings arguably the first rock & roll record (can you name others in the argument)? The late Bay Area pianist Smith Dobson hosts the trumpet Candoli brothers and Paul Oscher drifts with his blues. Argentine Jorge Dalto played piano on both the Tito Puente and George Benson version of On Broadway, here Dalto interprets Benny Golson. Gregory Generet @ggeneret provides both a new release and vocal track and another tribute is paid to the wonderful pianist Mulgrew Miller, interpreting an old Dinah Washington #. Time to refile my records, neckties & drums AND COFFEE for another session, Hacksaw Jazz.

MP3s, videos of show # 1699: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

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Spinitron playlist of show # 1699 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Summer Break: Repeat of partial shows # 1458, 1459 first videos released 08-16-18

​When some go back to school, we take a summer break. From the archives come these delightful sides from a couple Jan. 2015 repeat broadcast hours, which contain no new releases. Spotlights on Billy Strayhorn and Buddy Defranco. So who of the old school ended up with handles, and who are in need of hashtags? @MoseAllison #HerbPomeroy  #BillyNovick @MilesDavis @MLisMusic #MattGuitarMurphy #LittleWalter @RealBHutcherson #terrygibbsvibes #latinjazz #AvashiCohen #billystrayhorn #marionmcpartland #jimmysmithorgan #budpowellpiano @HubertLaws #shortyrogersjazz #buddydefranco #buddyrich @_LionelHampton_ #wyntonkelly #lamberthendricksandross @DukeDayByDay #donaldbrownpiano #jazz #OnAir These hours are now also available on the Hacksaw Jazz YouTube channel and/or Facebook Live, direct from our summer break resort spots. Who’da thunk of that use of aged vintage. Time to retreat from my records, neckties and drums…BUT NOT COFFEE for another getaway, Hacksaw Jazz.

​MP3s, repeat of partial shows # 1458, 1459, first videos: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

Spinitron playlist of partial shows # 1458, 1459

Description of Show # 1698, released 08-09-18:​ 

40 years and holding, we’ve got OUR swingin' Machine working, Gil Evans personifies the east coast orchestra sound, and a new release from singer/pianist Karrin Allyson. The little-known Lonnie Shields shares his soul side of blues to more listeners and Thelonious Monk finds himself in San Francisco. The late Hilton Ruiz plays again, CBS sports broadcaster Nabate Isles blows trumpet on our broadcast followed by the greatest jazz hit according to many from saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. Charmin’ Carmen as in Lundy warbles from Florida, and Wycliffe Gordon slides the trombone from New Orleans. For our second hour the wonderful Dave Brubeck Quartet plays the downbeat, new guitarist Ron English hints at mild acid. For the Latin rhythms we hit South Beach for Cuco Valoy, and the unknown Chuck Owen welcomes the very-known Nat Adderley and Benny Golson to solo over big band. Nancy Osborn sings a familiar lyric “Our summer day slips away too soon,” say what? It’s still 45 days until cooler in the evenings! Our next new release comes from saxophonist Amanda Gardier. Necktie of the hour is cowboy all the way, complete with the agave plant, one chap’s lasso gets the calf, the other guy’s almost nabs a HACKSAW!

​MP3/video posts of show # 1698: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

Spinitron playlist of show # 1698 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Show # 1697, released 08-02-18:

​A presence in the Present AND in the pines comes our outdoor broadcast this week for the coolest temperatures in Arizona summer.  We’re in Pinedale both hrs stuck with one necktie sporting a treble clef.  Locals say I’m obviously not from around here. Buddy Rich’s handsome physique leads his big band kids into wrenched nerves, notable new tenor saxist invites Charlie Hunter and adds guest trombone. Little Victor’s blues returns as does Elvin Bishop’s slide guitar. Peter and Will Anderson confuse us all as to who’s playing what woodwind, a first-time release from the great Erroll Garner from a 1964 Amsterdam midnight concert. Memphis’ George Coleman is in duo format with pianist Richie Beirach, and wizard key man Geoff Keezer plays again off a new album. Maria Muldaur and Amy Helm sing together, Allan Harris sings bebop in tribute to his vocalese influence. McCoy Tyner plays with no sax this time, drummer Shelly Manne is in a smoky club called Blackhawk, Arturo Sandoval plays with big band and Eddie Palmieri dazzles from the piano with his latest. For closers we call on alto saxophonist Bobby Watson, new vocalist Christine Hit and a hit from Earl Bostic. Jazz is the sense thru which we view the world after all the media news & comment is said & done, our music is Hacksaw Jazz commentary.

​MP3/video posts of show # 1697: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

Spinitron playlist of show # 1697 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Show # 1696, released 07-26-18:

The mighty Maria Muldaur, currently on-tour, starts the broadcast singing classic Mose Allison who himself is heard later on. The big talk everywhere is the John Coltrane “Lost Album” which was just released for the first time from 1963 where we play a track, then from his drummer Elvin Jones we segue to Elvin Bishop who tells it like it is: “Somethin’ smells FUNKY ‘round here!” (You gotta hear it for more blatant opinion). We make up for the absence of singers last broadcast with a boosted dose this week: Maura Shaftoe has a new one, Shy Perry is our “talent deserving wider recognition” entry, Shirley Crabbe is new yet seasoned, and Nellie McKay plays it straight with a true standard. Saxophones, may they live forever: Phil Woods, Plas Johnson, Houston Person, and the newest Greg Fishman. Buddy Rich and Duke Ellington keep our big-band category strong. We’ll break things up with Brass like JJ Johnson and Terell Stafford, and provide rhythmic variety like Latin Jazz with Poncho Sanchez and the new release from pianist Kenny Barron. Then there are guitars: Pat Martino, Jonathan Kreisberg and Nelson Veras.  On the air swinging, shuffling & negotiating musical trends thru the years, Hacksaw Jazz. 

MP3/video posts of show # 1696: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

Spinitron playlist of show # 1696 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Show # 1695, released 07-19-18:

Unintentional was to neglect real vocalists on the program this time, however making up for lost time are big bands like Bob Florence, Jay McShann (featuring Charlie Parker) and Scott Gwinnell @postbopscott. Or a first-time release from the legendary Erroll Garner. re-releases obscure indeed from Larry Green featuring rhythm trombone, and Lafayette Thomas, known to some as a guitarist. Accomplished guitarist Jay Roberts also welcomes Joey DeFrancesco. We had a real-time request for flutist Hubert Lawes. Add to that our usual “salsa blues & bop,” (Pucho’s Latin Soul Brothers and Bobby Valentin) and the sum total contains grease from the chitlin circuit by Eddie Lockjaw Davis and Shirley Scott, slick ensemble work be it vibist Red Norvo or Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, mellow & dreamy entries from new Charles Lloyd @CharlesLloydSax with Bill Frissel and the great Bobby Hutcherson. Intimate interplay by guitarist Joe Pass and Neils Pederson, and a welcome a new release from BC’s Gordon Grdina @GordonGrdina. Little Victor is the only “singer” on this program, but he’d just ingested Armagnac acid with a bleach-back. The MJQ provides chamber blues. This entire episode is dedicated to the memory of affiliate WJSU GM Gina (GIN-uh) Carter-Simmers who just passed in late June. Find videos of our radio hours at Full Moon Hacksaw on Facebook @FHacksaw & search for Hacksaw Jazz on YouTube. (Hacksaw Housekeepers aren’t allowed in the studio, last time they vacuumed up a wire and we were off the air 16 years—we’ll tell the story some day).

MP3/video posts of show # 1695: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube 

Spinitron playlist of show # 1695 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Show # 1694, released 07-12-18:

Focus on the Blue Note label thru the years. Acid warm & fuzzy is John Scofield, past masters Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw pay tribute to their influence Clifford Brown. Hear new releases for the hot summer, like Patrick Zimmerli with Ethan Iverson, singers Tiffany Austin and Heather Bambrick, and the Nels Cline Four. We reluctantly announce the death of trombonist Bill Watrous, do a review a Swiss blues CD by Ms. Little Chevy, spin big band to hard bop to Afro Cuban. Smoking hot piano is provided by Oscar Peterson, space jams from Miles, Dave Holland and Sonny Sharrock, plus a vintage blues installment. We’re still getting to know Kenny Barron Quintet’s new band members: Saxophonist Dayna Stephens, trumpeter Mike Rodriguez, bassist Kiyoshi Kitagawa, and drummer Johnathan Blake. We also heard Arizona’s and NYC’s world-class saxophonist Tony Malaby was a competition judge for youth groups at Northsea Jazz Fest in Holland, so we had to feature the man. Not to forget one of our favorite forms, Afro Cuban Latin rhythms. Miles, Muddy and Mongo are gone from this earth, but remain a presence in the PRESENT, Hacksaw Jazz.

MP3 of show # 1694 HR 1 sponsored by The Womack 07-12-18

Spinitron playlist of show # 1694 HRs 1 & 2

MP3 of show # 1694 HR 2 sponsored by Music Scene AZ

Description of Show # 1693, released 07-05-18:

​We begin this session real cool with Eddie Jefferson singing Miles, go to new releases mixed with classics and our vinyl fixing musical malfunctions. George Shearing is out of season but valid in bop, Jim Hall gastronomical on guitar and same validity. For antacid jazz we call on Rob Dixon and Charlie Hunter with guest trombone, Jerry Boogie McCain plays his chromatic harp. We find Maria Muldauer in a Brazilian jazz mood, Ruthie Foster is mellow and folky. Peggy Lee leads a chamber group from the cello on her new release, Joe Pass is dazzling on vintage Coleman Hawkins. Another track from the impressive Dayramir Gonzalez quenches our thirst for Latin-influenced piano. In the following hour we are on the chitlin circuit with the Cleanhead man, Eddie Vinson. To display virtues of a couple guys on tour currently we listen to them as sidemen: Dave Holland with Gary Bartz, Chris Potter with Joanne Brackeen. Our lone new release this segment comes from surreal Cyrille Aimee interpreting Sidney Bechet. Then it’s totally ‘80s for the last half hour, Ernestine Anderson sophisticated and street smart at once, her rap inside the big band tells the truth. Freddie Hubbard’s trumpet leads the Great Quartet at Playboy Fest, Machito wins a Grammy with his Salsa Big Band and ZZ Hill croons one more time on a Denise LaSalle hit. Outstanding summary & statement of purpose - wavelength of self expression, Hacksaw Jazz.

​MP3 of show # 1693 HR 1 sponsored by Tom Batson CFP 07-05-18
Eddie Jefferson-So What-The Jazz Singer-Evidence ’59 
Harold Lopez Nussa-Mi Son Cerrra ‘O-Una tarde Calquiera-Mack Avenue ’18 
George Shearing-September in the Rain-You’re Hearing-MGM ’49
Jim Hall-Scrapple from the Apple-Live-Horizon ’77
Rob Dixon Trio feat. Charlie Hunter Flat Tire Blues-Coast to Crossroads-Rob Dixon Music ’18 
Jerry Boogie McCain-Madison Mood-This Stuff just Kills Me-Jericho ’00
Maria Muldauer-Rio De Janeiro Blue-Transblucency-Uptown ’85
Ruthie Foster-Believe-Promise of a Brand New Day-Blue Corn ’14
Peggy Lee-Hidden Piece-Echo Painting-Songlines ’18  
Joe Pass-Stuffy-Appassionato-Pablo ’90 
Dayramir Gonzalez-West Coast Exchange-The Grand Concourse-Colibri ’18
2-min break music: Erroll Garner-What is This Thing called Love

MP3 of show # 1693 HR 2 sponsored by Young Sounds
Eddie Cleanhead Vinson-Kidney Stew is Fine-title track-Delmark ’69
Gary Bartz-But Not for Me-The Red and Orange Poems-Atlantic ’94
Joanne Brackeen-Beethoven Meets the Millennium in Spain-Pink Elephant Magic-Arkadia ’99
Cyrille Aimee-Si Tu Vois Ma Mere (If you See my Mother)-Live-Mack Avenue ’18
The Frank Capp/Nat Pierce Juggernaut feat. Ernestine Anderson-Never Make Your Move Too Soon-Live at the Alley Cat-Concord ’87
The Great Quartet Hubbard-Byrdlike-Playboy Jazz Festival-Elektra Musician ’82
Machito and his Salsa Big Band-Quimbobo-Grammy Award Winner-Impulse ’83
ZZ Hill-Someone Else is Steppin’ In-In Memoriam-Malaco ’83
2-min break music: Stan Getz Children of the World

A brand-new salsa disc by Orchesta Akokan gets us going, as does also new Rob Dixon and Charlie Hunter funky swinging sax with 7-string guitar. Much to do about blues and Sonny Boy Williams, new vocalist Gregory Generet with pianist Richard Johnson. Energy and inspiration comes from dazzling pianist Christian Sands, back to the blues for a couple Irish guys…recently departed Matt Guitar Murphy and the ever-present Dave Riley. Howlin’ Wolf continues an exhibit shown in our Facebook Live and YouTube videos of “Mississippi Blues Musicians,” then organist Jimmy Smith takes a walk on the Wild Side. Lady vocalists now and then this time are Amy Cervini and Billie Holiday. As one listener put it “late yet not incomplete.” Uptempo big band is the name of the game yet lets not forget what makes jazz improv around a melody, often but always familiar. After Woody Herman and Brian Dickinson’ orchestras (but before Thad Jones and Mel Lewis) comes singer Nancy Harms, tenor sax from a couple suave guys Harry Allen and Zoot Sims. Louis Bellson gets us thru hot weather, and Marcus Miller features bass clarinet among other horn guests harkening back to other Blue Note records recordings in this case including spiritual choir. Patrick Zimmerli gives one of his tracks to pianist Ethan Iverson with okay forward/free thinking. "Hacksaw Philharmonic." 

​MP3 of show # 1692 HR 1 06-28-18 sponsored by Rayners UK Cafe

Orchesta Akokan-Otro Nivel-self-titled-Daptone ’18 
Rob Dixon Trio feat. Charlie Hunter-Millions-Coast to Crossroads-Rob Dixon Music ’18
Sonny Boy Williamson-Keep your Hands out of my Pocket-His Best-Chass ’58 
Gregory Generet & Richard Johnson-Mr. G-2 Of A Kind ’18 
Christian Sands-Yeme-Reach Further EP-Mack Avenue ’18 
Matt Guitar Murphy-Strut Your Stuff-The Blues don’t Bother Me-Roesch ’96
Dave Riley-This Misery-Best of Volume One-Aquatic ’07 
Howlin’ Wolf-Hidden Charms-His Best-Chess ’63 
Jimmy Smith-Walk on the Wild Side-Bashin’ the Unpredictable-Verve ’62    
Amy Cervini-You Know Who-No One Ever Tells You-Anzic ’18 
Billie Holiday-God Bless the Child-Lady Sings the Blues-Verve ’56
2-min break music: James Moody Wail Moody Wail 

MP3 of show # 1692 HR 2 sponsored by Hell City Saints Car Club
Woody Herman-Four Brothers-single-Columbia ’47
Brian Dickinson-Gentle Giant Suite pt. 3-Music for Jazz Orchestra-Addo ’17 
Nancy Harms-Midnight Sun-Dreams in Apartments-Gazelle ’13
Harry Allen-Desifanado-Jazz for the Soul-McMahon Jazz Medicine ’05 
Zoom Sims-Travelin’ Light-For Lady Day-Pablo ’78
Thad Jones &Mel Lewis-Mach II-Live in Munich-Horizon ’77 
Louis Bellson-Early Summer-The Originals-Stash ’80 
Marcus Miller-Preacher’s Kid-Laid Black-Blue Note ’18 
Patrick Zimmerli Quartet-Metric Variation-Clockwork-Songlines ’18     
2-min break music: Marvin Smitty Smith-The Creeper


​Phoenix broadcast legend Pat McMahon, 85, of Wallace & Ladmo TV and KRIZ Radio, joins us in front of live audience at Los Compadres. Between jazz hits, we reminisce about the longest-running kid’s TV show in history: Wallace and Ladmo 1954-1989, in which Pat played a handful of characters live daily. Pat simultaneously was also a “rock jock,” programming one of two fierce competing top-40 stations in Phoenix 1960s, KRIZ. We discuss him interviewing Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger as they came thru Arizona. Pat also used Stan Kenton as an early radio career theme song, so knows the importance of jazz and blues as it influences other genres of music thru the years. Hence we feature Cal Trader, Dizzy Gillespie, Hank Jones, Carmen McRae, Ramsey Lewis, Bill Dogget and Dave Brubeck in our first hour. We continue the party with Terry Gibbs, Kenton, Duke Ellington with John Coltrane and a lady singer from Arizona, Carri “Coltrane” (Thompson). She is the daughter of the aforementioned kid’s TV show host “Wallace.” Carri was discovered by hit maker Eugene McDaniels, composer of “Compared to What,”  and her recordings from the ‘90s are rarely heard, so we spin one. After Ella Fitzgerald sings we don’t have to end the party, so stay for after hours provided by new lady voices and releases of 2018: Nellie McKay, Shirley Crabbe and Amy Cervini. Two more classics from Sarah Vaughan and Lee Morgan and we are out. Had some fun but gotta run, Hacksaw Jazz.

MP3 of show # 1689 HR 1 at Los Compadres 06-14-18 with broadcast legend Pat McMahon
Cal Tjader-Agua Dulce-title track-Fantasy ’71
Cal Tjader-Ran Kan Kan-Agua Dulce-Fantasy ’71
Dizzy Gillespie-Million Dollar Baby, Five and Ten Cent Store-Have Trumpet Will Travel-Verve ’59
Hank Jones-Yardbird Suite-Bop Redux-Muse ’76
Carmen McRae-Star Eyes-Great American Music Hall-Blue Note ’77
Ramsey Lewis-The In Crowd-title track-Cadet ’65
Bill Doggett-Honky Tonk parts 1 and 2-single-King ’56
Dave Brubeck Quartet-Blue Rondo a la Turk-Time Out-Columbia ’59
2-min break music: Wynton Kelly-Kelly Blue

MP3 of show ​#1690, Ivan Lins backstage preview broadcast 06-12-18 with co-host John Mueller
Eliane Elias-Ivan Lins medley: Coragem Mulher, Choro das Aguas, Doce Presença (Sweet Presence)-from Fantasia 
Sting-She Walks this Earth-Telarc compilation 
Leila Pinheiro-Acalanto Coisas do Brasil    
Ivan Lins-The Island the man himself, Vitoriosa, Blue Moon  
Vanessa Williams Love Dance-Ivan tribute disc-Telarc  
Ivan Lins-Passarela no Ar-Acariocando
Rosa Passos-Doce Prsenca
Eliane Elias-Iluminados
Ivan Lins-Madalena

MP3 of show # 1689 HR 2 at Los Compadres 06-14-18 with broadcast legend Pat McMahon
Terry Gibbs Dream Band-Day In Day Out-Main Stem, vol. 4-Milestone ’61
Stan Kenton-Intermission Riff-Kenton in Hi-Fi-Capitol ’56
Duke Ellington and John Coltrane-In a Sentimental Mood-self-titled-Impulse ’62
Carri Coltrane-Don’t Get me Started-The First Time-Accurate ’99
Ella Fitzgerald-Little Jazz-All That Jazz-Pablo ’89
Nellie McKay-Where or When Sister Orchid-NellieMcKay ’18
Shirley Crabbe-Thief in the Night Bridges-MaiSong ’18
Amy Cervini-Promise Me-No One Ever Tells You-Anzic ’18
Sarah Vaughan-Mean to Me-Legacy # 20-Columbia ’49 
Lee Morgan-Sidewinder-title track-Blue Note ’64
2-min break music: Lewis Nash-Monk’s Dream








































































































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