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Description of show # 1709 released 11-15-18

​OJT, Organ Jazz Trio from KC, opens the gateway for mucho B3 organ. From Concord Records release # 6, we have a seat on the lawn of the 1975 Concord summer jazz fest to hear bassist Ray Brown and guitarist Herb Ellis. We are saddened by the death of, and fondly remember, young Roy Hargrove in a Latin bag. Cincinnati’s Tony Monaco grinds the organ next on Wayne Shorter’s Footprints, heavy especially due to literal bass pedal tone. For winter weather we hear Dakota Staton sing Where Flamingos Fly, interesting story, valid now as then. We review and preview artists who are on tour thru the desert southwest, Serbian blues lady Ana Popovic, pianist Joey Alexander among them. Honking and screaming sax borrowed from the day’s R & B fires up our Victrola for Illinois Jacquet and Eddie Lockjaw Davis, at the forefront of jazz in their time. The latter recorded with trumpet great Fats Navarro who died way young, we spin two sides of a 78 RPM “Calling Dr. Jazz” and “Fracture.” Keep in mind the music was recorded in 1946, then we play a couple questions from an interview with Lockjaw 24 yrs later in 1980, now a frightening 38 yrs since the interview (this is how relevant historic music continues to be). Songbird and ivory tickler Judy Roberts features hubby Greg Fishman who plays sax a little like Stan Getz. That only leaves Joey DeFrancesco as the next organist on the show, appearing twice, first with guitarist Jay Roberts. Novo Mundo is co-led by pianist Beth Lederman and guitarist/vocalist Kay Peper doing a Brazilian standard. Kenny Rankin sings, Nino Tempo is saxophonist on the track who also plays like Getz. Our organic (pun intended) coffee grown in the south brings up Muddy Waters, just so happens Johnny Winter is along. Young Eli Cook plays as if in the Delta, and Jane Monheit is another artist to appear in our town. As will Steve Gadd, his track also features organ by DeFrancesco. Elvin Jones leads from the drums too, Manhattan Transfer previews their concert with vocal jive, and Flora Purim is anything but as she and McCoy Tyner Search for Peace. Jazz can be hot or cool at the same time, automatic temperature control.  Adjustable according to your VIBE, Hacksaw Jazz.

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Description of show # 1708 released 11-08-18

A bunch of vinyl, a new release and one other from this century make up hour # 1 this week, from Brazilian Flora Purim to contrasting Mark Murphy vocals thru the decades. The day Duke Ellington doesn’t have a place on our playlist I’ll retire, and there’s more than ballad style in which to play Misty for me, this from Richard Groove Holmes. Yelena Eckemoff plays from her album to the Psalms, except instrumentally, and very happening is bassist Dave Holland’s Quintet. After much study inside it’s time to be outdoors, will London Bridge be falling down? We find ourselves right beside it now in Lake Havasu City AZ for much vinyl and many more new releases. From the Mingus Dynasty back to Duke Ellington to Jazz at Lincoln Center welcoming Ruben Blades. For mellow meditations we turn to Charles Lloyd and the Marvels, review a concert by Karrin Allyson and compare and contrast June Christy and Lindsay Beaver as singers, of all ladies. More Organ Jazz Trio or OJT, and young pianist Connie Han takes us out. The hills are alive with the sound of…Hacksaw.

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Description of show # 1707 released 11-01-18

With a solid Chicago blues to start, our first hour is mostly vintage, after all we’re experiencing an Indian Summer with Coleman Hawkins. Next a mini-feature on bassist Senator Eugene Wright, a track with the group he’s most associated with, the Dave Brubeck Quartet, followed by a stint with Jamaican pianist Monty Alexander. We enjoy a stretched-out cool session from the Gil Evans Orchestra and start our slew of new releases with Jazz at Lincoln Center con Ruben Blades, a fortuitous pairing. Once again the combination is right: Blues, Latin, bop, big band, vocals, ballads. Another of our very favorites from John Coltrane, this with melody and in ballad tempo. Then young pianist Connie Han followed by Detroit pianist Xavier Davis with strings. Gregory Porter lends his political consciousness as we like, BetCar…the late Betty Carter, bless her heart, sings the power of honesty and forgiveness without judgement from a live 1990 disc, then it’s the story of our head-on collision with the great Charles Lloyd, new releases continuing with OJT (Organ Jazz Trio) and Chucho Valdez. Hand-picked jazz on the radio for you since 1975, we’ve had our fun but now gotta run, Hacksaw Jazz.

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Description of show # 1706 released 10-25-18

Our activities are balanced this episode, all the ingredients are blended: Jazz, blues, new releases, classics, ballads, salsa, vocalists and big band. Who could ask for anything more? From Holly Hofmann’s alto flute to the double-entendre, low in register to low in functionality. Funky is Luther Guitar Junior Johnson and pseudo-rockabilly from Europe’s Dusty Dave and the Heart Attacks. The wonderful swinging saxophonist Jimmy Forrest bounces along nicely while Johnny Dyer covers Little Walter. Jamaican pianist Monty Alexander implies reggae and ska in his jazz, bassist Christian McBride plays another off his new release. Two classics come from Miles Davis, with rare outings by Charlie Parker playing tenor sax alongside a young Sonny Rollins. A Charanga flute and maybe violins display early ‘90s salsa taking a turn toward the light a decade after its heaviest craze. We miss Eddie Harris’ saxophone antics and groove, Havana’s Celia Cruz mellows out. For a new release in the Latin category we turn to Orquesta Akokan, the Dana Legg Stage Band is a bunch of Boneheads, Cannonball and Nat Adderley play a hit one more time. Tandem tenor saxophones blend with Greg Fishman’s Quintet, two other saxophonists (Phil Woods and Pony Poindexter) join for Alto Summit. To conclude on a most soulful side we call on Kandace Springs, able to sing just about anything she wants the way she wants. When you're smiling, Hacksaw smiles with you.

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Description of repeat shows # 1695/1696 released 10-18-18

Great guitars with the phenomenal Pat Martino giving way to newcomers Kreisberg and Veras. Then it’s sax with Plas Johnson, and pipes with the ivory in the immortal Mose Allison. A favorite version by Duke Ellington’s 1950’s orchestra re-does their ’37 Caravan from a broadcast, then a couple first-time releases of vintage material that was held back for years: Erroll Garner and Red Norvo respectively. New from Charles Lloyd features his flute playing, more great vibes from a wonderful but seemingly lost era of jazz creativity & energy, 1970s Bobby Hutcherson from the San Francisco scene of the time. If we’re gonna go vintage, may as well combine the greatest, Jay McShann with Charlie Parker. For our second hour Doc Stewart plays his idol Cannonball Adderley, profound lady voices be it Dinah Washington or Dakota Staton. Organic groove comes by way of Brother Jack McDuff and we’re reminded ’Tis Autumn by another immortal, if from the underground, Bob Dorough. We review a piano concert attended recently, Cyrus Chestnut and his all-star rhythm of Buster Williams and Lenny White. Bassist Christian McBride has a new album and group “Jawn,” and we conclude festivities by delving further into Cuban shades with Juan DeMarcos’ Afro Cuban All Stars. When the Hacksaw dust of time has sifted and sifted into its proper place, you know it's a full moon every hour.

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Description of show # 1705 released 10-11-18​

​With a lovely lilt pianist Jimmy Rowles features Michael Hashim, then we experience a new pianist from Detroit Xavier Davis with Regina Carter and a rhythm reminiscent of an Elvin-Jones-McCoy-Tyner-like medium-tempo. Memories are refreshed on why Ernestine Anderson has had a couple come-backs over her career. California Salsa is played by the Hispanic Music Association, followed by the obscure Keith Saxton and Kevin Holevar. We review two piano concerts attended recently in this episode, one by Cyrus Chestnut and his all-star rhythm of Buster Williams and Lenny White. Bassist Christian McBride has a new album and group “Jawn,” and we delve further into Cuban shades with Juan DeMarcos’ Afro Cuban All Stars. In the second hour hear the truly international Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band, then other records we enjoyed playing on the air thru the years: Supersax, MJQ, Prez Conference and an early digital CD release from Andre Previn with Joe Pass and Ray Brown, lest we take them for granted. More from the first-time release of Coltrane 1963 tapes, and then our second piano concert review of Harold Lopez-Nussa and his drumming brother. Bebop guitar is played by Ron Afiff, then we’re out with the blues by way of Robben Ford’s Blue Line and the groove of the great John Lee Hooker. Once, twice, three times a Hacksaw.

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Description of show # 1704 released 10-04-18​

It’s important to remember the chamber sound the Modern Jazz Quartet, MJQ, brought us. Then three new releases in a row, pianist Aaron Goldberg reunites with drummer Leon Parker, the debut album of trumpeter Brad Goode who welcomes veteran saxophonist Ernie Watts, and  22-year-old pianist Connie Han working trio with her mentor Bill Wysaske on drums. For Hacksaw after hours we call on organist Richard Groove Holmes, then a couple bossa-inspired pieces by vocalists: The desert southwest’s Bob McCarroll goes first followed by an early work by the now-famous Kurt Elling. To wrap hour # 1, Chet Baker sings and blows trumpet in Carnegie Hall in a reunion concert of high-level players of the 1970s. For our next section singer/songwriter/pianist Judith Owen has a new release “RedisCOVERed” and we have selected Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” (remember Brittany Cherry does a Hacksaw dance on YouTube). That is followed by the latest from drummer/composer Ernesto Cervini and his band Turboprop, then a couple actual CDs that were submitted to us for review and to share with you, see if you agree with our feedback: Rit Johnson and Dean Haitani, from Florida and Australia respectively. The slide guitar was so inspiring we had to revisit another Australian of same talent, Dave Hole. Roots duo Joe Filisko & Eric Noden return to our show for the second week since their CD got a favorable review. For our Latin entry we go into 6/8 time with Mario Bauza, one more blues with Bob Corritore and Bill Howlin’ Mad Perry, and finally the wonderful “Brownie,” Clifford Brown, taped from his final gig in 1956. With freedom thru discipline we extract wounds for the ears and the soul, if you’re in sync it’s Hacksaw Jazz. 

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Description of show # 1703 released 09-27-18​

​Two of the very top names are topics this episode, Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, together and apart. From the spiritual to the mellow comes Rob Dixon with Charlie Hunter and a most smokin’ duo in Wes Montgomery and Wynton Kelly. For the best in lady voices we feature Christine Hit (who spent time in St. Louis before WA State, worked with the pianist Geoffrey Keezer…and bringing great arrangements and soloists to her new record) followed by Rosa Pasos. Another birthday celebration has happened for BB King, a Latin interlude is provided by Puerto Rican trombonist/bandleader Jimmy Bosch. The opposite of velvet voices belong to Little Victor and Eli Cook respectively. BTW Full Moon Hacksaw and Crash Music Tucson presents Eli Cook backed by Pat Roberts and the Heymakers at the Rhythm Room in Phoenix, Thursday October 12, the event is on Facebook. Hour two marks the return of Paul Hucklebuck Williams and his baritonic sax pressure, the Boogie Disease as Billy Hancock sings it. Danish saxophonist Karl Denson welcomes American drummer Jack DeJohnette, and B3 grooves are provided by yesterday’s Leon Spencer. We call her BetCar, and she torches about spring in the autumn. The hoodoo that she do and we do come from three sources: The Kings, Casters and Tones, say what? Two new releases come from roots duo Joe Filisko & Eric Noden followed by RC and the Moonpie Band. Consensus is the boogaloo was assassinated : Born in Spanish Harlem in the mid ‘60s, one of its practitioners was the forgotten Joey Pastrana. With classic recordings being repeatedly played and re-released in the newest digital formats, there will always be work to do for Hacksaw Jazz.

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Description of show # 1432 07-10-14 revised-updated released 09-20-18​

​Revisiting old digital, vinyl, even one cassette, we mix with a healthy flow of constantly arriving new releases. Let’s build a foundation of the basics: Latin with Chico O’Farrill and Tito Rodriguez, Brazilian whether written by Louis Bonfa or sung by Elis Regina, folk & funk from Phoebe Snow and Horace Silver. Piano & organ (kinky keys?) from Kenny Barron, Bud Powell, Armand Boatman, Professor Longhair, and drummer Dave Cook. Vocalists and vibes like Nnenna Freelon Steve Hobbs, Nancy Harms. Brass and sax by Ken Peplowski, Fred Forney, Eric Alexander. And our blues from Sonny Boy and RC and the Moonpie Band. Add to that a couple pop voices of past decades, one of whom has survived to impressive continued creativity, Paul Simon. Newcomer Christine Hit has lived in St. Louis and Washington State, worked with Geoffrey Keezer, singing Charlie Parker to a great arrangement & alto saxophonist. Jazz broadcast history. Disguised as entertainment. Hacksaw Jazz.

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Description of show # 1702 released 09-13-18

​​Count Basie arranged by Sammy Nestico is the first classic, plus an encore of Denver band Conjunto Colores. We feature nine new releases this week, our compilation re-release of the week comes from Kokomojo of Germany, 1959’s Marty Lewis-Satisfied with my Lovin’. Two artists on tour are Harold Lopez-Nussa and Kandace Springs. Then there are The Cookers: Eddie Henderson and David Weiss trumpets, Donald Harrison and Billy Harper on saxes, Geo Cables piano & Billy Hart drums, all star cast! Chet Baker’s last great concert is featured, and the concluding classic is from JJ Johnson, as we all need daily trombones in our lives. Salsa & blues, yes, but Hacksaw jazz is always the I-beam. 

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Description of show # 1701 released 09-06-18

We celebrate another birthday August 29th for the late Charlie Parker, the Bird, in a Latin bag with the mighty Machito Orchestra of the late ‘40s, Okidoke!  Parker is also heard with Dizzy Gillespie later in the show. Next heard Lucky Thompson, a saxophonist from a similar era. Then it’s the blues with Long John Hunter, a couple guys with vision a plenty being Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Al Hibbler. Karrin Allyson sings and plays from her new release, welcoming Regina Carter on the fiddle. Scott Grunow’s Jazz Orchestra celebrates music by Mulgrew Miller, and we dip into the archives for a west coast live date from pianist Pete Jolly. We spin a record off a new CD submitted by RC and the Moonpie Band, San Diego pianist/composer Danny Green’s trio plus strings make an appearance. Herbie Hancock and Kathleen Battle interpret Gershwin, then our second hour with Richie Kamuka playing tenor sax. Latin sounds continue from Colorado’s Conjunto Colores. 2018 has been a year fans have once again hailed John Coltrane due to a couple first-time releases, let’s hear samples from each. First Miles Davis with Coltrane in 1960, the first-time release of “The Final Tour” was recorded in Europe.  We hear “So What” serving as as a sort-of rough draft for the saxophonists later piece called “Impressions.” If you like stretched-out soloing, this track is for you. Miles in his book claims he gave Trane a soprano at the end of this final tour, so we go to another first time 2018 release involving Trane playing that smaller horn. Vocal and blues mode brings us Miss Lily Moe, the Reba Russell Band, and Little Willie Littlefield in good voice, groove, recording balance, & of course great sax.  Veteran trumpeter Tom Harrell takes us out.  See graphics of our album covers, Full Moon Hacksaw on Facebook.

​​MP3s,videos of show # 1701: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube


Spinitron playlist of show # 1701 Hours 1 & 2

​We respond to a request for a show of B-3s, in response to a military buildup. As in Hammond B3 Organ. Five of them this show, if only cursory in parts: Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff #JimmyMcGriff, Shirley Scott #ShirleyScott, Jimmy Smith #jimmysmith and Richard Groove Holmes #richardgrooveholmes. It’s the groove grease between new blues from Shy Perry, the Mingus Dynasty @Mingus, and our Latin sounds paying tribute to Tito Puente and Machito @titopuentejr. Magic Sam plays again #MagicSam, we hear a new release from Lucia Johnson #LuciaJohnson, then a display of drummer Kenny Clarke’s ride cymbal for the first of two from Miles @milesdavis and Horace Silver, together and apart. Vibraphonist Milt Jackson #MiltJackson joins Clayton/Hamilton for a ballad. For our second hour bassist Dave Holland leads his big band @TheDaveHolland, a little bit busy and a little Brazilian comes new music from Yellowjackets feat. Luciana Souza. Funky and from post-bop comes Horace Silver as leader, we get another dose of Latin rhythms @PutumayoMusic, swamp bop with the Wicked Mojos then Miles and Trane take it out. Basic foundations for both jazz and radio are time and sound.  Those we have, Hacksaw Jazz. #jazz #onair @JohnColtrane

​MP3s,videos of show # 1700: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube


Spinitron playlist of show # 1700 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Show # 1699, released 08-23-18:​​

Harmonicist and guitarist Toots Thielemans is pretty well-known in music circles, but Danish legend Svend Asmussen joins him on fiddle for the spirit. Tito Puente’s small group plays Leiber & Stoller inspired by a George Benson lick. Hear twin guitars as John Pisano hosts Phil Upchurch, tenor saxophonist Greg Fishman @gregfishman gets 5 stars for rising to the occasion…under no obligation to cut new ground or look forward at the expense of being less than the masters, of whom he stands alongside most admirably. The old married couple Shirley Scott and Stanley Turrentine make seasoned and tender music together, and from 1939 these guys have hashtags: #petejohnson & #meadeluxlewis for the Boogie Woogie Prayer. Tribute is paid to Buddy Montgomery who died May 2009 with a track from the live Riverside Reunion Band. #jazz #onair for the first hour concludes with a dance-stepped Crazy legs and Hacksaws tutorial. Hour 2 starts with our favorite Serbian electric guitarist Ana Popovic who just happens to get filed in the blues section. Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd livens things up with a catchy melody and Joe Turner sings arguably the first rock & roll record (can you name others in the argument)? The late Bay Area pianist Smith Dobson hosts the trumpet Candoli brothers and Paul Oscher drifts with his blues. Argentine Jorge Dalto played piano on both the Tito Puente and George Benson version of On Broadway, here Dalto interprets Benny Golson. Gregory Generet @ggeneret provides both a new release and vocal track and another tribute is paid to the wonderful pianist Mulgrew Miller, interpreting an old Dinah Washington #. Time to refile my records, neckties & drums AND COFFEE for another session, Hacksaw Jazz.

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Spinitron playlist of show # 1699 Hours 1 & 2

Description of Summer Break: Repeat of partial shows # 1458, 1459 first videos released 08-16-18

​When some go back to school, we take a summer break. From the archives come these delightful sides from a couple Jan. 2015 repeat broadcast hours, which contain no new releases. Spotlights on Billy Strayhorn and Buddy Defranco. So who of the old school ended up with handles, and who are in need of hashtags? @MoseAllison #HerbPomeroy  #BillyNovick @MilesDavis @MLisMusic #MattGuitarMurphy #LittleWalter @RealBHutcherson #terrygibbsvibes #latinjazz #AvashiCohen #billystrayhorn #marionmcpartland #jimmysmithorgan #budpowellpiano @HubertLaws #shortyrogersjazz #buddydefranco #buddyrich @_LionelHampton_ #wyntonkelly #lamberthendricksandross @DukeDayByDay #donaldbrownpiano #jazz #OnAir These hours are now also available on the Hacksaw Jazz YouTube channel and/or Facebook Live, direct from our summer break resort spots. Who’da thunk of that use of aged vintage. Time to retreat from my records, neckties and drums…BUT NOT COFFEE for another getaway, Hacksaw Jazz.

​MP3s, repeat of partial shows # 1458, 1459, first videos: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

Spinitron playlist of partial shows # 1458, 1459

Description of Show # 1698, released 08-09-18:​ 

40 years and holding, we’ve got OUR swingin' Machine working, Gil Evans personifies the east coast orchestra sound, and a new release from singer/pianist Karrin Allyson. The little-known Lonnie Shields shares his soul side of blues to more listeners and Thelonious Monk finds himself in San Francisco. The late Hilton Ruiz plays again, CBS sports broadcaster Nabate Isles blows trumpet on our broadcast followed by the greatest jazz hit according to many from saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. Charmin’ Carmen as in Lundy warbles from Florida, and Wycliffe Gordon slides the trombone from New Orleans. For our second hour the wonderful Dave Brubeck Quartet plays the downbeat, new guitarist Ron English hints at mild acid. For the Latin rhythms we hit South Beach for Cuco Valoy, and the unknown Chuck Owen welcomes the very-known Nat Adderley and Benny Golson to solo over big band. Nancy Osborn sings a familiar lyric “Our summer day slips away too soon,” say what? It’s still 45 days until cooler in the evenings! Our next new release comes from saxophonist Amanda Gardier. Necktie of the hour is cowboy all the way, complete with the agave plant, one chap’s lasso gets the calf, the other guy’s almost nabs a HACKSAW!

​MP3/video posts of show # 1698: Facebook  Twitter  YouTube

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